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510 E. Dearborn St., Plano, Illinois

Leon Burson Post 395

Leon Burson Post 395 working in cooperation with Home Depot acquired

materials and arranged for the installation of a wheel chair ramp at the

home of WW II veteran Nick Schull Jr.  Nick is a long time member of

Leon Burson Post 395 and was a long time business man in Plano

following his return to Plano at the conclusion of his military service.   




During WW II Plano had 323 men and women who served in the military. 

That is approximately 17 percent of the town population at that time. 

Of those 323, fifteen gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  The list

of Gold Star comrades who gave their lives in the defense of our country

in World War II are:  Paul R. Belli, Douglas L. Burson, Albert E. Comly,

Frank X. Daley, Virgil E. Dobbs, Robert F. Franklin, Arnold S. Jackson,

Donald R. Landis, Merrill V. Lee, Victor Lucas, Russell L. Mall, Samuel W.

McVicker, Fritz R. Sandberg, Glenn F. Seaton and Frank M. Zink.  

Several were wonded and received a purple heart.


Enoch "Nick" Scull was taken prisoner while serving with the 28th

Infantry during the Battle of the Bulge.  While recruperating in an area

they thought to be safe he and others were captured by Germans. 

Captured round Dec 25, 1944 he was held at three different camps until 

they were liberated from Stalag IX-A by Gen. Patton's army on Good

Friday, March 30, 1945.  The last camp, Berga Am Elster, was a slave

labor camp.  While a POW he and others were marched through Germany

to railroad area, put on a train without food or water.  At the time they

were liberated Nick had lost 55 pounds.   




Civil War Veterans

The following was extracted from an article by Kristy Lawrie Gravlin in the Plano

Record June 30, 2011.  Used by permission.

2011 was the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.  At least 50 men from Little Rock

Township (Plano was only seven years old at the time.)  were enlisted in Co. E of

the 36th IL Infantry.  Men responded promptly with the expectation that the fighting

would be over in two or three months.  One of the early enlistees was Daniel Jones

Darnell who departed Aug 19, 1861 at age 27.  By October 1862 Daniel was in

Perryville, KY. and was wounded in battle.  Later Daniel was hospitalized with an

illness from which he never fully recovered.  With the rank of Corporal Daniel was

discharged June 9, 1865.  He died July4, 1903 at the age of 69.  Capt. Charles Fish

served in Company E but only for eleven months.  Details why his term was so short

are not available.  Capt Fish died at age 52 and was buried at Oak Ridge Cemetary.

This page is under construction.  Check back later for more about Plano area veterans.

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